Table Throw Stock 6 ft. Black 4-sided with 1 Color Logo Print

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Product Overview: 
Table Throws are a great addition to your trade show booth and are sized to fit standard 6ft and 8 ft tables. Available in full graphic prints. There are two different styles available to suit your needs. The Open Back version has a full-length front and side material with a shorter edge on the backside. The Full Back version has a full length material on the front, back and both sides of the table.


Table Throw Material: 
Polyester Heat-Press Fabric

Graphic Material (if includes print): 
Heat-Press Vinyl

Weights and Dimensions: 
Weight: 5 lbs / Dimensions: 20” x 6” x 6”

Available Logo Format (if includes print): 
Vector logo only

Logo (if includes print): 
Max Imprint Size: 52” x28”.Logos that have more than 2 colors or are too complex will not work for the Heat Press system.